1D’s amazing week.

We have had a great week, we have been learning all about the letter ‘s’ and enjoying our story; ‘Shark in the Park’. There was water play, practicing our cutting skills and writing skills. In RE, we have learnt all about Diwali and made diwa lamps as well as trying all of the food, it was yummy! We have also done a sponsored walk for children in need.


What an amazing week!

We have had an amazing week exploring and learning about fireworks. We have made rockets and firework pictures and ordered rocket numbers to 12. We also enjoyed becoming firemen and putting out the ‘fires’ in Nature’s Den, we then had a bonfire in the immersive learning room. On Friday we enjoyed passing and catching rugby balls.


What a fantastic week so far !

What an amazing week we have had so far! We have enjoyed our fun with food session that is based around banana based foods. We have explored a banana using all of our senses. We then mashed the bananas and made banana fairy cakes and angel delight yum yum! We have also enjoyed exploring the outdoors. In science we enjoyed collecting natural materials such as sticks, leaves and stones and we enjoyed sorting them and counting them in our maths session.  In literacy we enjoyed singing our Jolly phonics song and explored mark making and tracing letters with pens and paints. We are trying hard to establish our daily routine and I am so pleased to say that all of 1D are now eating their dinner in the hall. Well done 1D I am proud of you all. Keep up the hard work 🙂

1D you are amazing!

What a fantastic week we have had! We enjoyed making play dough and used our senses to explore the dough.  We used the dough to make faces of ourselves and also enjoyed our dough disco session, prodding, poking and squeezing the dough.  We have enjoyed our sensory circuit session, climbing over, under and through the apparatus. It was so lovely to see the children playing turn taking games and interacting with the new members of the class. Well done you have all settled in well and are beginning to follow the routine. Keep up the hard work. I am looking forward to another amazing week.1D you are all amazing!

Brilliant second day back!

Welcome back 1D! We have had an excellent couple of days.

The children have explored the textures and smells of apples today and some of us even tasted them!

It has been lovely to see the children turn taking and sharing during play activities too.

It is fantastic to see how much they have grown over the summer break and I am excited to watch their progress over the next term. Well done 1D you are all super stars!